"To spend time alone in the Australian bush is to experience our union with nature, it is powerfully reassuring." - Jack Thompson

Pick & Preserve Olives

Rub & Sizzle Beef

Pick & Crumble Peaches

Welcome to Forbes, in the heart of the country.

Hearty food baskets, art from the heart, friends that are country at heart and heart racing adventures are waiting for you in Forbes.

Art from the Heart

Art and festivities in the heart of the country are a mix of traditional, practical and home made chic with a twist of bush eccentricities. See Forbes style art when you visit the tongue-in-cheek, Utes in the Paddock, a collection of "Utes as Art" in a cattle pasture art gallery.

The car as an art form is celebrated at McFeeters Motor Museum. Each vehicle, the vintage, hot rods, veterans and classics, have been lovingly restored by Forbes locals to their original perfection.

Steeped in tradition, Forbes people are still active in the crafts. Displays of country knits, preserves and patchworks welcome visitors at the Forbes Visitor Information Centre. The Forbes countryside is peppered with the rustic charm of old shearing sheds, handsome estates and deserted pioneer homes.

Self reliance and creativity have been the hallmark of the Forbes people since the pioneering days. A walk through the historic museum will show you how creative ingenuity has always been key to their spirit of survival and resilience.

See the Forbes people's art from the heart at the local museum or better still live the creative spirit with the people of Forbes at one of their many annual festivals.

You'll experience the Forbes creative spirit at its best at the camel races. Not afraid to laugh at life or themselves, you soon discover the Forbes people still know the art of how to make their own fun.

A hearty food basket

Forbes farmers are renown for their best practice farming, producing a healthy and nutritious food basket not only for Australians but for the world. Proud of their highly principled farming practices, Forbes farmers have a goal of making great nutrition affordable. Forbes farmers have created one of the most abundant farming communities in Australia, many of whom are fourth or fifth generation farmers.

In summer, stone fruit season, be sure to drop into the orchards to pick peaches and dollop them with local cream whipped to perfection the traditional Forbes way. Meet the passionate local producers at the Forbes farmers markets and taste their bounty of olives, lamb, honey, wines and preserves.

Homestead cooking, roasts with kitchen garden vegetables and herbs, are still standard fare in Forbes. Try the salt bush local lamb rubbed in river salt and rosemary for salivating flavour. Serve it with some roasted riverbank potatoes and greens for some real earthy tucker.

When you are sleeping out in a swag try some camp oven cooking and start the day with eggs and bacon, oven baked damper and eucalypt infused billy tea. At sunset roast the local beef cooked in its own juices drover style. Be sure to drizzle it with local olive oil and serve with yams cooked in the hot coals.

Barbeques have never fallen out of favour in Forbes. Drop into the local butcher for a cut of barbeque meat in a local range of rubs and marinades and head down to the lakeside barbeques to sizzle with the locals on their tree lined banks.

The Forbes Drovers

Make friends that are country at heart

The warmth of Forbes hospitality will have you smiling ear to ear. Locals are naturally curious about visitors and quick to strike up a chat, just one trip to the pub and you'll be bound to leave with some new friendships.

The Forbes sense of humor is infectious and the locals warm and friendly ways will soon rub off on you. It is easy to meet the locals you can try dropping in to play with the local cricket team or by finding out which farm is having an open day. And it is not just the people of Forbes who will win your heart but the affection of the local animals.

The animals of Forbes are used to being man's best friend. You can meet the clever sheep dogs, watch the farmers walk them through their tricks. Come eye to eye with an emu as they cruise the farm pastures or catch the fleece as you clip their bountiful sheep.

Get on first name terms with the affectionate and sensitive horses on the stock route adventures. Meet Grace the old mare, Rocky the powerful stallion and the children's favourite, gentle Jane.

On Forbes adventures be sure to take the time to meet the colourful characters of the bush, drop in for dinner and have a yarn. Meet Brian the chatty sheep famer and his sheep dog Red. Millicent the master whip cracker can liven up any party and David the jackaroo who will tell you a thing or two about the trials and tribulations of bush life.

Stay around and mingle like a local in Forbes.

Heart Racing Adventure

When you are in Forbes you are in the heart of the country marked by endless fields, 360 degree horizons and big, big skies.

In Forbes heart racing adventure is only limited by your imagination. You can follow the stock routes by horse under the shade of giant Red River gums, ride into farm cottages for an evening of home country cooking and sleep under the stars in a swag.

The people of Forbes love the thrill of the chase. Join them mustering cattle along  stock route trails or jump on a motor cycle and chase sheep dogs working their herd.

Pick up the pace in the back of a Ute in an emu watching expedition. Watch through a telescope as emu herds gracefully strut through wheat fields. Witness the spectacle of emus quickly scattering as a grand daddy six foot grey kangaroo comes bounding past.

Slow back down again and go with the flow of the great Lachlan River on a kayak, stop to drop in a line and catch and release the great Murray Cod.