"To spend time alone in the Australian bush is to experience our union with nature, it is powerfully reassuring." - Jack Thompson

Stock Route Wilderness

The Forbes Drovers

The Drover's Trails of Forbes

Travelling Stock Routes, the pathways of drovers

The Travelling Stock Routes, are Drovers' Trails that criss cross the countryside. Drovers are the people who work the stock routes, moving sheep and cattle across their depths and breadths in search of feed and new markets. The Travelling Stock Routes are still used today in times of drought to move stock and for people who wish to reconnect to the bush life. The people who know the stock routes well refer to them as the Long Paddock.

In Forbes you can relive the authentic drover experience and follow the Drovers Trails with people who have worked as the traditional Forbes Drover. When we travel the Drover's Trails in Forbes we journey through bush history and wilderness, emerging renewed and connected to nature and our Australian roots. Forbes Drovers still have droving in their blood and can share with you their family history as they introduce you to their sheep dogs and take you across fields, through creeks, to sleep under star jewelled skies and ride in the shade of rare and endangered woodlands.

The drover is an Australian hero who opened up the land for pioneers. It is the drovers' life including scenes such as the billy on the campfire, life on horseback, camp oven dining and the bush lifestyle, that formed the early Australian identity. Australia's romance with the drover's life was celebrated in the early Australian poetry including Henry Lawson's "The Ballad of the Drover", "The Drover's Wife" and Banjo Paterson's "Clancy of the Overflow".

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